Post 1

The dog ran across the yard, and a cat followed it.
As the two animals passed the big oak tree, a squirrel joined them.
Dana, Karl, and Squiggy ran as fast as they could because they needed to save their fish friend.
However, Finnius was not in his usual spot at the far end of the pond.

Post 2

Finnius’s friends needed to find him so that they could warn him of the volcano.
The group separated so that they could find him as quickly as possible.
Dana jumped into the water so that she could search the center of the pond.
The pond was so large that Karl ran slower and slower.
Squiggy found Finnius on the north end of the pond, so he yelled to the others.
Dana heard Squiggy, so she swam straight toward them.
Karl was excited that they found their fish friend, so he ran faster to meet the others.

Post 3

Once all the friends were together at the edge of the pond, Finnius asked them what was going on because they seemed agitated and in a great hurry.
If you want to find me faster next time, then try this location because it is my favorite spot in the morning.
In the morning, I don’t go to the south side, i.e., in the shade.
I also prefer warmer spots, e.g., along the edge of the pond, as opposed to the colder areas.
But enough about me, why are you here?
Although Karl was still out of breath, Dana and Squiggy both started talking.
Everyone eventually stopped talking, and Dana calmly explained that the volcano was about to erupt.
Karl interjected, and Squiggy started to sob.
But the day is gorgeous.
Yet, I don’t understand what the volcano has to do with me.
So, tell me what this is about.
Karl said, “As a matter of fact, the volcano has everything to do with you and your life.”
Squiggy added, “You may not be aware of the danger you are in, however.”
Dana lamented, “It is a beautiful day, The volcano, however, will erupt.”
Finnius, the fish, started swimming nervously in circles.
His friends, Dana, Karl, and Squiggy, paced the shoreline.
“Finnius, we are running out of time,” Squiggy yelled at the water. “You need to talk to us.”
Dana jumped into the water, “Finnius, you must talk to us. We must come up with a plan to save you.”
Karl paced, jumped up and down, and returned to the water’s edge.
Finnius stopped going in circles, swam to his friends, and listened intently.
Dana climbed out of the water because it was easier to talk on dry land.
Dana shook to remove the water from her coat, which sent water flying everywhere.
Like most cats, Karl dislikes water and ran as fast as he could from the site, wasting even more valuable time.

Post 4

After Karl returned to his friends, Dana explained to Finnius that when the volcano erupts, the lava will flow into the pond, killing him.
Scared, Finnius started jumping in and out of the water.
Worried that Finnius might hurt himself, Squiggy knelt to the ground near the water and calmly explained that they will find a solution.
Squiggly replied, “If the lava enters the water, my life is over.”
“We must discover a solution, Finnius. You will survive,” Karl said in a calm voice.
“Do you realize that I cannot survive outside of water?” Finnius asked and then swam in circles again.
“We continuously talked about possible solutions over the past few days. Unfortunately, nothing seems foolproof,” Squiggy said.
“Don’t worry, Finnius,” Karl said. “We must find a way to save you.”
“I know!” exclaimed Squiggy. “What about Uber? Do you know how to contact her?”
“Finnius, where is she? Tell me where she is so that we can save you,” Karl demanded as he paced the shoreline.
“Tell us, Finnius! The faster we find her, the better chance or your survival,” Squiggy pleaded.
“I want to know your plan, but I also know that little time remains. She always visits the lake on the other side of the forest in the afternoon,” Finnius said from the water’s edge.