What will this cost?

Pricing options

Every project is different, and therefore, I must be flexible in the way I charge for projects. Some clients need to know the cost upfront, in which case a fixed-price cost is the best option. Other people prefer the flexibility of working a certain number of hours on a subject. Again, the decision is yours. We will work out a payment schedule before initiating the project.

how does payment work?

Well, it really depends on the project and our relationship. For first-time clients, I typically require a 10% upfront payment for fixed-price jobs, with milestones set up at appropriate times, and a final payment. Hourly fees are charged weekly or biweekly. For new clients, a downpayment of one hour may be required.

I accept money from PayPal, Venmo, and Payoneer as well as American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

Unfortunately, due to Upwork rules, if you are currently one of my Upwork clients, I cannot accept your money offsite.

how does time tracking work?

I use TopTracker to track my time, so I am able to send screenshots of me at work. If you would like to see progress during the week, please let me know. You can also set a weekly limit to the hours that I work.

Who owns the work?

Upon final payment, you have exclusive rights to all work. If the agreement was for credited work, I have the right to link to it from my website or use it as a reference. For ghostwritten or edited pieces, I will not reference the work, so it is yours outright.

Fine Print: Unfortunately, I must mention the following: If payment is not made in entirety, I retain all rights to my work, which you may not use. This includes ideas that I give you regarding projects. Any ideas paid using hourly payment are yours to use at any time as long as timely payment has been made. Payment is due within 7 days of completion of the project. A 15% penalty applies for every 30 days past due, and the work may not be published until payment is made in its entirety.


Fixed-price EDITING

  • Priced by the word $0.05 – $0.10 per word depending on the content

  • Priced by the chapter, varies by content and size of the book

  • Priced by the project, varies

Fixed-price writing

  • Priced by the word $0.20 – $5 per word depending on the content, rewriting or new material


  • $75 – $100 per hour, depending on content


Some projects combine the two. One is example is book editing where the editing of chapters is a fixed cost, but the telephone calls to discuss the changes is hourly. This ensures that the author controls the amount of work that goes into the edits.

Special cases

  • Prices vary based on credited work versus ghostwritten/ghost-edited work. Credited work costs less.

  • Rush jobs and work on weekend and holidays are welcome but may incur additional fees.

  • If plagiarism is detected, the author must rewrite any sections flagged. I do not use Copyscape, so I can only determine some portions that are in violation of other authors’ work. It is up to the author to resolve this issue and adhere to copyright policies.

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