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Areas of Expertise

  • Writing coach – Teaching the art of captivating and engaging the reader

  • Manuscripts – Fiction, Non-Fiction

  • Blogs – Development, Content Calendar, Organization

  • Cryptocurrency, Blockchain – Soft and hard-forks, Competition, IPO White Papers

  • Technical – Software, Engineering, Agile, Scrum, SAFe

  • Financial – Blogs, RFPs, Pitch Decks

  • Job placement – Resumes / CVs, Cover Letters, Personal Statements, Bios, Fellowship Applications

  • SEO – Key: Readability; Meta descriptions, Keywords, and Titles

Samantha mason freelancer

Beginning my career as a software engineer in a startup graphic design company gave me the background to understand what it means to satisfy both technical and creative customers. 

Working up the corporate hierarchy from team member, then engineering manager, and eventually Vice President of a $40M graphics division at a publicly-traded company, I have the business acumen to understand a broad range of professional clients and their needs. 

After leaving the corporate world to raise my two boys, I decided to put my skills to use by helping individuals and companies on a more personal level. 

Why Me?

My background in development taught me that deadlines are critical, and sometimes that means working late nights, early mornings, and weekends. I am selective about my clients and the number that I have at any given time. Which means that when you need me, I am here for you. I answer emails, phone calls, and texts as soon as possible, typically within the hour during waking hours. 


I love to travel, cook, read, and study languages. With both our boys in college, my husband and I are enjoying remodeling our “new” 1922 house and exploring Cincinnati. No more Wisconsin winters!


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But how could you live and have no story to tell?
— Fyodor Dostoyevsky

US Patents



University of Kentucky
Mathematical Sciences, 1989
Phi Beta Kappa


Certified Scrum Manager (CSM) 2016
Professional Scrum Manager (PSM) 2016