Financial Content

Why is financial content different?

Target audience

With financial content, like any technical content, it is imperative to identify the target audience and publication venue before beginning to write. Will the reader automatically understand technical terms or should you explain them? Will this be formal writing that includes footnotes and citations? Is this a proposal that needs to convince investors, or potential clients, or individuals? What should the formatting and style be? You will save yourself a lot of time and effort if you answer these questions in the beginning.

services provided

Feedback from a writing coach can come in many different forms, from a phone call, inline comments in a Word or Google document, a separate writeup, or a combination. For your project, choose from the following list of services to create a custom process to improve your writing.

  • Blog posts

  • Customer pamphlets and handouts

  • Business plans

  • Pitch decks

  • RFPs

  • ICOs

Very responsive and helpful in making suggestions for improvements. Did an excellent job for me.
— Upwork client

This client wanted his financial blog to be edited to read easier to non-financial readers. He also wanted me to give him feedback on his writing in order to become a better writer in general. He is interested in increasing his SEO score as well. 

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP) – Valuation Remains Attractive

Samantha is consistently incredible. Really takes the time to understand me and how my personality/brand should be expressed through my content.
— Upwork client