Areas of specialty

writing coach / blog development

Whether you are a beginner who wants feedback on how to improve your writing or already have a blog and are looking to increase readership, you have many options available – one-on-one coaching, summary document with advice, or in-line editing. The key is to identify weak spots then the solutions.  

technical content

Technical articles and books run the gamut from how to become a programmer and Agile/SAFe development to cryptocurrency and ICO white papers. Having a technical background ensures that I understand your subject; being a writer means that I can make it understandable to your readers.

fiction / non-fiction editing

 What type of editing do you need? Developmental, line, or copy editing. Or, maybe fact checking and table verification. In our initial discussion, we will create a strategy that will produce a writing piece that will engage your target audience while maintaining exacting standards. 

 financial content

Financial writing requires a special skill set because of the risks of providing advice. Whether it is giving tax advice or writing about a stock, meticulous care must be taken. Fact checking is key as is giving philosophical guidance instead of specific financial advice. 

resume, cover letter, personal statement

 The first step is getting your foot in the door, and the way to do that is to make a great first impression. Everyone knows to customize cover letters and personal statements, but there is much more to it than that. One of the first steps is getting past Human Resources. 

 business services

Are you starting or growing your business? Then, you need an experienced business consultant to help you find the right path. From startups to established firms, I can guide you to make sound decisions that work for your bottom line while creating a productive corporate culture.